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Distillery Wigle Whiskey
Spirit StyleRTD Cocktail
Base IngredientsWigle Organic Rye Whiskey, Wigle Absent-Minded Absinthe, Wigle Aromatic and Rosemary Lavender Bitters
Still TypePot-column hybrid
Still SizeTwo Christian Carl alembic pot stills; one 650L (w/offset 5 tray rectifying column and botanical basket) and one 950L
DistillerAlex Grelli
% Alcohol36.5%
Item NoLQ2636-NV
Country United States
Region Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bird in Hand Sazerac

The Bird in Hand Ready to Drink Sazerac captures the classic Sazerac cocktail using Wigle Pennsylvania Straight Rye Whiskey, Absent Minded Absinthe, and Wigle Organic Aromatic Bitters and Organic Rosemary Lavender Bitters.

The name "Bird in Hand" is a reference to Aaron Bird and Thomas Handy, the two men credited with popularizing the Sazerac cocktail. The drink is purported to have been invented by Bird, originally using Sazerac brand Cognac, in the 1850s at the Sazerac Coffee House in New Orleans.