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Distillery Faccia Brutto
Spirit StyleAmari
Base IngredientsNeutral grain spirit macerated with organic gentian, cinchona bark, orange peel, cinnamon, quassia, angelica, licorice root, wormwood, allspice, rhubarb root, and cardamom
DistillerPatrick Miller
CooperageUsed whiskey barrels
MaturationFour months
FinishingSweetened with clover honey and sugar
Filtration10 plate filter
% Alcohol35%
Item NoLQ5103-NV
Country United States
Region New York, New York
Sub-region Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Amaro Gorini

In addition to the core items of the Aperitivo and the Fernet Pianta, Patrick continues to work on a number of experimental projects that age in used American barrels for a distinctive take on classic Italian spirits. The Amaro Gorini is his take on the southern Italian style of amaro, heavy on the citrus and caramel notes.