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Distillery Wigle Whiskey
Spirit StyleWhiskey
Base IngredientsOrganic wheat, organic rye, organic malted barley, organic corn; roasted baby ginger, mature ginger, brown sugar
Still TypePot
Still SizeTwo German alembic pot stills (Christian Carl); One 650L (w/offset 5 tray rectifying column and botanical basket) and one 950L
DistillerAlex Grelli
DistillationDouble Distillation
FinishingLightly roasted ginger is steeped in whiskey for five days. The whiskey is strained off, then a small amount of organic brown sugar is added.
FiltrationCoarse coffee filter; non-chill filtered
% Alcohol46
Item NoLQ2613-NV
Country United States United States United States United States
Region Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
Afterglow Ginger Whiskey

Pittsburgh in the 1840s -- a tryst between a wealthy whiskey baron’s daughter and a poor red-headed mill worker produced Henry Clay Frick, future steel mogul. Their unconventional love story is the inspiration behind our own spicy lovechild: Wigle’s Afterglow Ginger Whiskey. 

Wigle is proud to release its second product developed in collaboration with Chatham University’s Food Studies Graduate Program. This will be a seasonal product released once a year and another brave attempt at redeeming the category of flavored whiskeys. Believe us, this is no cloying, sugary-sweet, chemical flavoring-laden whiskey. Afterglow is free from preservatives, colorants, or artificial flavorings.  
After a year-long development process, Afterglow Ginger Whiskey was made with baby ginger grown at Chatham’s Eden Hall Farm (an offshoot farm-campus just 20 miles from Pittsburgh) and, as a nod to our love story, at the Frick Greenhouse by Grow Pittsburgh.