Weinbau Dr. Lippold

Mosel, Germany

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  • Weinbau Dr. Lippold
  • Weinbau Dr. Lippold

Moselufer 44
Ürzig, RP, Germany


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Weinbau Dr. Lippold

Introducing Weinbau Dr. Lippold

Dr. Enno Lippold was raised in the town of Koblenz at the confluence of the Rhine and Moselle. Young Enno was destined for a wine profession with his father’s love of wine and the kismet of sharing a desk in high school with a son of one of the most famous growers in Ürzig (Mosel). After completing his university degree and internships, Dr. Lippold returned to Koblenz in 1971 to take a job at the House of Deinhard. The House of Deinhard was one of the most historically prestigious German sparkling and still wine producers exporting to London and New York till the First World War.

Dr. Lippold was eventually promoted up to the Deinhard marketing team where he became an ambassador of Riesling across Asia. Eventually, the House of Deinhard was sold and Lippold put his experience into practice by working as an enologist and consultant. After decades of searching and preparing to begin his own business, Dr. Lippold returned to Ürzig as a grower-winemaker with two small, but prime, red-slate parcels within the Ürzig Würzgarten. These vines are own-rooted massale selections with the oldest vines dating back many decades.

Along with friend and partner Benny Pfeiffer, Dr. Lippold strives to create authentic Mosel Rieslings that shows elegant minerality with secondary characteristics akin to Umami that develop under Lippold’s aging regiment. Lippold feels the youngest still wines have just begun to reach drinkability after a total of 24 months of cask and bottle aging. For him, the best Mosel Riesling shows lightness, pure raciness, and elegance; never too dry, nor too sweet. If the must’s mineral density from low-yielding vines is paired with the elegance of delicate winemaking, the resulting wine will be inimitable and unreproducible in any other place in the world and stand the test of time. The Sparkling Moselle is an intellectual reclaiming of sparkling Riesling’s 19th century heyday when sparkling wines from the Mosel were as coveted, if not more than, the great Champagnes of the time.