Vincent Raimbault

Loire, France

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Vincent Raimbault

Located in Vouvray, Touraine, Loire Valley, Vincent Raimbault is the owner of 16 ha of sustainable vineyards. Following three generations of family footsteps that were first planted in 1904, Raimbault tends his vines in the town of Chancay in a lieu dit called Bel Air.

Introducing Vincent Raimbault

Situated between two rivers, the Brenne and the Loire, these are some of the best vineyards in Vouvray. Considered by many to be a top site or a Grand Cru vineyard, because it grows atop a meager layer of flinty topsoil, Raimbault’s 60-year-old Chenin Blanc vines have immediate access to the chalk that sits below.

A grape that's a palate through which a winemaker can express his terroir, Chenin Blanc is native to Loire, where it's used to make dry, off-dry, sweet or sparkling wines.