Tenuta di Fiorano

Lazio, Italy

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  • Tenuta di Fiorano

Via di Fioranello 19
Rome, Lazio, Italy


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Tenuta di Fiorano

Located just a few kilometers from the center of Rome, Italy’s historic Tenuta di Fiorano resides between the Appian Way and the slopes of the Alban Hills. As a pioneer of organic viticulture in the mid-twentieth century, Fiorano continues the family traditions today.

Introducing Tenuta di Fiorano

The Tenuta di Fiorano estate is now owned by Prince Alessandrojacopo Boncompagna Ludovisi, who grew up on the property and was taught by his uncle, Prince Alberico, who passed away in 2005. With Tancredi Biondi-Santi and Veronelli as colleagues and friends, Prince Alberico pioneered planting organically grown Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in the 1940’s and 50’s, along with Malvasia Candida and Sémillon. Currently, Prince Alessandrojacopo follows the historic principles of Tenuta di Fiorano.

After the 1998 harvest, prince Alberico, then in ill health and disillusioned and living in the center of Rome, pulled up his vines. Barely twenty years old, prince Alessandrojacopo couldn't quite stand up to the introverted and often tempestuous moods of aging prince Alberico. But only four years later, prince Alberico realized that four years later that he had not only an heir to the estate in Alessandrojacopo, but also an heir to his own private passion for viticulture and wine making.

So together, the two began to replant the historic (and organic) Fiorano Rosso vineyard in the exact location as before.  For Fiorano Bianco, a wine that never entirely convinced Prince Alberico, the latter insisted that the new planting be Grechetto and Viogner, rather than Semillon and Malvasia di Candida. The Fiorano Rosso remains the same Cabernet and Merlot blend as before.

In the winery, the same vinification methods take place in the exact same cellars (with old, indigenous yeasts); the same winemaker who has made the wines since the late 1960’s alongside prince Alberico (the legendary bottles you often read about) continues his work alongside prince Alessandrojacopo; and the vineyards are planted in the same locations and farmed in the same organic manner.

Through his network in Italy, T. Edward Portfolio Manager Greg Reeves was the first American importer to be granted a visit to the estate and the ancient cellars used by Alberico Boncompagni Ludovisi, a privilege that Prince Alessandrojacopo extends to very few. In part, Prince Alessandrojacopo wanted to set the record straight about what some in New York had inaccurately reported without ever having visited him or the estate of the late prince Alberico.  In fact, no one from the U.S. had ever visited the underground aging cellar - bored deep into the sandstone hillside - where a line of 10HL barrels hold the Fiorano Bianco and Fiorano Rosso - and where a series of twisting caves protects thousands of aging bottles of Fiorano Rosso, left untouched for decades. 

In 2012, Principe Alessandro Jacopo released the 2006 Fiorano Rosso, a testimony to both these men and an assurance that Tenuta di Fiorano Boncompagni Ludovisi has been preserved and lives on.