Punta Pays

Mendoza, Argentina

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  • Punta Pays

La Nina Vineyard
Rivadavia, Mendoza, Argentina

Punta Pays

Owned and operated by Eduardo Lapania, who works with winemaker Diego Medina, Punta Pays hand-harvests its grapes in baskets of 15 kg (33 lb), which are later carefully transported to the winery. Once in the winery, they carry out a strict selection of the best grapes.

Introducing Punta Pays

Widely considered one of the best growing regions in the world, Mendoza produces wonderfully fragrant and flavorful Malbec. The combination of high elevation, river loam and alluvial soils, irrigation sourced from the Andes Mountains, a long growing season ~ over 250 sunny days a year, little rain and vast temperature differences between day and night are all conducive to growing quality wine grapes. These climate and geography elements come together to provide excellent fruit ripening and concentration.