Pie de Palo

Mendoza, Argentina

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La Consulta
Mendoza, Argentina

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Pie de Palo

Pie de Palo is a partnership between T. Edward and one of our closest friends, Finca Abril.

Introducing Pie de Palo

Finca Abril was founded in 1996 by a husband and wife team in the Uco Valley. Looking for fresh, easy wines, Pie de Palo peaked our interest then delivered on every level. Finca Abril sourced fruit from the lower-lying plots of La Consulta subregion that benefit from the balancing influences of long days and cool breezes. These vines draw water from the Tunuyan river with its tributaries of snow-cap meltwater coming down from the San José volcano.

The grapes are picked by hand and placed in 20 kg plastic boxes. Once in the Finca Abril winery, the boxes are emptied on a selection table and the bunches and individual grapes that aren’t in optimal conditions are discarded from the production process. The clusters are destemmed and the grapes are stored in stainless steel tanks for 72 hours at between 8 and 10°C in order to obtain the highest extraction of aroma and color before alcoholic fermentation. After maceration, the temperature is raised to 16°C and selected yeasts are added to start the alcoholic fermentation, which occurs at around 24-25°C over 10 days. Once the alcoholic fermentation has finished, the malolactic fermentation takes place in tank, giving the wine a mild and velvety character.