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Sebastopol, CA, United States


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Nomikai is a drink in the company of friends. Perfect for sharing at the beach, a picnic at the park, or a dance party that ends.

Introducing Nomikai

In Japan, nomikai are drinking parties specifically centered around workplace celebrations. During these events, co-workers build bonds and celebrate accomplishments, anniversaries, new arrivals to the team, and departures of veteran members. Nomikai Fizzy Rosé was created by industry veterans Connor Drexler and Megan & Ryan Glaab; friends crafting the best hand-held beverages to hit the market in a long time. Nomikai first launched a Fizzy Rosé in the summer of 2017. Nomikai Red hit the streets in February 2018. Stay tuned for more additions to the Nomikai line!

"Nomikai was born three years ago in the desert when I wanted a good rose to pair with watching the sunset with friends. We created Nomikai as a portable rose that winemakers, Megan and Ryan Glaab, and I would be proud to have with our friends.

I grew up going to National Parks so sustainability was always important. Aluminum cans are one of the most sustainable packaging materials available with nearly infinite recyclability and a fraction of the carbon footprint from transportation.

Even the handles are made from Post-Consumer Recycled material and are 100% Recyclable."

— Connor Drexler