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Galicia, Spain

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Belesar, GA, Spain


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Mission Wines

Mission wines are of seriously limited quantities and tread the fine artisanal line between homemade and professional.

Introducing Mission Wines

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Zachary Elfman landed in Galicia, Spain after working in Stellenbosch South Africa and Mendoza Argentina. He felt at home in Northwest Spain as its terroir called back to his Northern California roots. A road trip exploring the appellation of Galicia brought him to the stunning landscapes of Ribeira Sacra. Word soon got around the small community about “American looking for grapes” and Zak walked many vineyards to find plots and farmers he wanted to work with. It started with Zak buying grapes and now he has a hand in farming parcels as well. Zak has built strong relationships in the tight-knit grower community of Northwest Spain and focuses his work in these unforgiving steep vineyards, and avoiding too much intervention in the cellar. Though he avoids the dogmatic approach to natural winemaking, the wines he wants to make are clean, fresh, indicative of their terroir, and with all the characteristics we associate with the Natural wine movement.