Trentino, Italy

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Lucciola conjures the romance and pleasures of the fireflies in Trentino’s remote valleys and forests.

Introducing Lucciola

In selecting the fruit sourced for this wine, we knew we had to ensure that the vineyards were cultivated with respect for all living things in and around the vines. The grapes for Lucciola are guaranteed organic by the Instituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale (ICEA).

Biodiversity and soil health is at the heart of ICEA, so any cultivation must be a non-GMO polyculture. Any treatments or interventions in the vineyard must be naturally derived and limited to biological control techniques (sexual confusion, competitor species, etc.).

The vineyards are made of alluvial soils, in both the valley floor and on alluvial cones. Yields are limited to produce high quality grapes selected at . The grapes are gently de-stemmed, softly pressed and subsequently fermented in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks. After fermentation the wine is matured on fine lees to enrich it with interesting complex secondary aromas, characteristics which will develop after a few months in the bottle.