Low Gap

California, United States

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108 W Clay St
Ukiah, CA, United States


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Low Gap

Starting with the finest ingredients, these California Whiskeys are distilled on an antique cognac still, then aged in one of the most unique barrel programs in the industry. 

Introducing Low Gap

Low Gap is a collaboration between distiller Crispin Cain (Germain-Robin absinthe, Crispin’s Rose liqueur) and Ansley Coale of Craft Distillers. Crispin apprenticed for seven years with Hubert Germain-Robin, then founded Greenway Distillery in 2005.

Crispin has been experimenting with whiskey for years. Production of Low Gap began in 2010, using space leased in the Germain-Robin distillery. The small cognac stills at Germain-Robin are superb pieces of equipment, and Crispin Cain is a master at extracting soft, clean, rich, pure, and wondrously flavorful whiskeys with them. The quality of the initial distillations was so good that it was released as a clear (unaged) whiskey, which Malt Advocate Magazine named Artisan Whiskey of 2012.