Jean-Michel Sorbe

Loire, France

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  • Jean-Michel Sorbe

Route de Quincy
Lury-sur-Arnon, France


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Jean-Michel Sorbe

Jean-Michel Sorbe was a pioneer of the Quincy region, hailing from a winegrowing family dating back over 100 years in the region. The small region of Quincy is made up of 2 communes and 30 producers. Tiny compared to Sancerre’s 2,700 hectares, Quincy covers 250 hectares in a small area to the south-west.

Introducing Jean-Michel Sorbe

Though Quincy’s reputation has been small up till recently, it was the second appellation created in France, with Châteauneuf-du-Pape being the first. The region, like its neighbors, is exclusively devoted to producing dry Sauvignon Blancs. Grapes frequently ripen weeks earlier than those of Menetou-Salon and Sancerre due to the unique confluences of this special mesoclimate.

Today, this forward thinking led Sorbe to release a Pinot Gris Rosé from the small Reuilly region. The Reuilly plots, though small, were always farmed in a conscientious way. Soon after the expansion of the Quincy wines, a key partnership enabled the Sorbe Reuilly rosé to be packaged in a revolutionary way, never sacrificing the quality of the wine: the PET plastic bottle. Not only is the Reuilly rosé winning awards, it is offsetting much of the carbon footprint of using standard glass bottles in terms of both transportation and recycling.