Jean Luc Thunevin Selections

Bordeaux, France

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  • Jean Luc Thunevin Selections
  • Jean Luc Thunevin Selections
  • Jean Luc Thunevin Selections

6 Rue Guadet
Saint-Émilion, Gironde, France


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Jean Luc Thunevin Selections

As the holder of 20 properties, including Chateau Valandraud, Virginie de Valandraud, Chateau Bel Air Ouy, Chateau Prieure Lescours and Clos Badon Thunevin, all of which are Grand Cru vineyards in St Emilion, Jean-Luc represents an additional 25 to 30 properties, mostly located on Right Bank.

Introducing Jean Luc Thunevin Selections

Bordeaux 'Bad Boy' Jean-Luc Thunevin, and his wife Murielle Andraud, bought their first plot of unclassified Bordeaux vines in 1989, in Saint-Emillion. Working against the grain, Thunevin aimed for low yields and in 1991 released his first vintage of Chateau Valandraud, one of the world's first "garage wines".
In 1995, Chateau Valandraud wine won a 95 rating from Parker, and soon, its wines were out-pricing established Bordeaux classified growths. Coined a "bad boy" and a "black sheep" by Parker, Thunevin crumbled the clos in Bordeaux, home to a very traditional practice. He began as an off-the-grid innovator, who modeled an alternative for the aspiring garagiste vintner. A self-coined "modern winemaker", Jean-Luc now produces six different wines at Chateau Valandraud, but he's also a Bordeaux negociant for Jean-Luc Thunevin Selections.

Preferring natural wine production, Jean-Luc favors commitments over labels, such as using no herbicides or insecticides, and employing cover crops. His entire company policy is based on the environment, including social policies and high-standard working conditions for employees.