Henry Varnay

Loire, France

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Henry Varnay

Varnay produces white and rosé sparkling wines using the Charmat method. The Varnay style focuses on fresh and fruit-forward wines expressive of the vineyards’ calcareous rocky soils.

Introducing Henry Varnay

Located in Saumur on the Loire River, Henry Varnay sits between the cities of Angers and Tours. And while most sparkling wines from Saumur are made with Chenin Blanc and Chardonnay, the Blanc de Blanc Henry Varnay label is a Charmat Method sparkling wine made from 100% Ugni Blanc.

Sourced from a number of Loire Valley vineyards, Ugni Blanc is France's most planted white grape variety that originally comes from Italy where it's known as Trebbiano. Producing wines that are fresh and fruity, Ugni Blanc also yields wines of high acidity.

Aged in the famous ready-made wine cellars of Tuffeau, Saumur's local calcareous rock, there are approximately 10,000 cases of Henry Varnay produced each year.