François Ducrot

Languedoc/Roussillon, France

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  • François Ducrot

2 Avenue Marius Alès
Lansargues, Occitanie, France

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François Ducrot

Saint-So is a collaboration project with François Ducrot, the winemaker and “magician of vinification” from Domaine Enclos de La Croix.

Introducing François Ducrot

A couple of years ago, Durcot realized that several talented local organic farmers in Aspiran, a 45-minute drive west of Montpellier, were selling their grapes to co-ops to be mixed with other grapes in the production of bulk wine. What a pity! François decided to buy these grapes and create a negoce that showcased some vibrant wines from an all-but-unknown terroir of Languedoc.

When we met in August 2019, we asked Ducrot if we could vinify a 100% Cinsault, a rare varietal by itself but one of our favorites to drink. Cinsault is both a table grape and a vitis vinifera. The skin is very thin and the berries are large compared to Grenache, Syrah, or Mourvèdre. It produces a lot of juice and makes for very light, energetic reds. This is how our collaboration started: Focusing on a grape that is mostly used for rosé or added to a blend, bringing the alcohol levels down and acidity of the wine up, and producing a suave, aromatic, and crisp red from a super-hot region that would satisfy our exact craving.

Drink it with a little chill and enjoy!