Foggy Ridge Cider

VA, United States

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  • Foggy Ridge Cider

1328 State Rd 656
Dugspur, VA, United States


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Foggy Ridge Cider

Building on the traditions of the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Foggy Ridge is a “farmer cider” not a factory cider—they hand pick and press, ferment slowly, blend carefully and bottle by hand. 

Introducing Foggy Ridge Cider

Located in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains, Foggy Ridge Cider grows heirloom apples and makes hard cider near the Blue Ridge Parkway. Over 30 uncommon apple varieties, all chosen for the sugar, acid and tannin needed for fine cider, are blended in three ciders. All ciders are between 7% and 8% alcohol, which is the alcohol gained from fermentation only (no chaptalizing). They ferment in temperature controlled stainless, with a long cool ferment (50 to 54 degrees F) to maintain fruity aromas.One distinguishing characteristic of the ciders is the fruit quality—not only do they grow cider apples but they harvest for peak flavor and complexity, which means multiple harvests per apple variety. Unlike many commercial ciders, they use all the orchard practices and fermentation controls that any fine winemaker would use with high quality grapes. For Sweet Stayman, the sweetest cider, they back sweeten with juice from the highest Brix apples. No sugar or fructose is ever added for sweetening.