Fluid Dynamics

California, United States

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108 W Clay St
Ukiah, California, United States


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Fluid Dynamics

Classic cocktails from craft-method spirits, blended & aged in the Germain-Robin brandy cellars by distillers.

Introducing Fluid Dynamics

After 30 years of distilling and maturing craft spirits, the next natural step for Craft Distillers became Fluid Dynamics, barrel-aged cocktails.  Made from a combination of ingredients hailing from Germain-Robin Distillery, Low Gap Whiskey Distillery, Clear Creek Distillery and Vya Vermouths, these cocktails are blended and aged by distillers Crispin and Devin Cain.  Possessed with an intimate knowledge of each ingredient, including its role in the recipe, as well as a comprehensive understanding of barrel maturation, Crispin and Devin are particularly well-suited in their new role as mixologist.  

Each recipe takes months to develop, allowing Crispin and Devin time to experiment with blends and age them, to make tiny adjustments and to imagine what will become of each cocktail with further aging in the barrel. Frequently reviewed as the finest in the world, Fluid Dynamics Cocktails consist of hand-crafted ingredients that are aged in the Germain-Robin cellars.  Fluid Dynamics Cocktail offerings consist of The Brandy Manhattan, The St. Nick, The Saratoga and The 1850.