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California, United States

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453 Gateway Rd W
Napa, CA, United States


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Firelit Spirits

Firelit is a cold-brewed coffee liqueur made for and by java junkies. 

Introducing Firelit Spirits

Jeff Kessinger founded Firelit Spirits in 2009 after developing the formula with the help of James Freeman, the founder of Blue Bottle Coffee.  Kessinger wanted to focus on the coffee element in his coffee liqueur – sourcing locally-roasted, single origin coffee beans and featuring a different roaster each batch to ensure a fresh and unique expression. 

For the first five years of production, Kessinger contracted various distilleries before settling into his own in Napa Valley.  Here the freshly roasted and ground coffee is cold brewed for 18 hours then blended with California brandy.  This infusion is allowed to settle for one month in tank before it is finished with a touch of cane sugar and proofed using a fresh batch of cold brew.

Firelit was made to be enjoyed neat.  It is stronger than other coffee-based spirits on the market and significantly less sweet.  Expect a true espresso flavor with a bitter edge that also makes it a great addition to both savory and sweet cocktails served any time of day.