Domaine du Grand Moulin

Loire, France

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  • Domaine du Grand Moulin

Domaine du Grand Moulin
Châteauvieux, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France


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Domaine du Grand Moulin

Introducing Domaine du Grand Moulin

Located in central Loire, to the east of Saumur, Touraine is one of the Loire Valley’s most important wine regions. While better known for its red wines of Bourgueil and Chinon, Touraine is also home to whites from Montlouis and Vouvray.  Here, near the town of Tours, grows some very fine Sauvignon–quaffable options to the whites of Sancerre and Pouille-Fumé - that are acidity-driven and refreshing.  And while quite affordable by comparison, these wines are not to be dismissed. In riper vintages, Touraine is known to produce some exceptional quality wines.

On the northern banks of the Cher River – a tributary of the Loire just east of Tours – sits a single large vineyard of Sauvignon Blanc. Owned by the Chainier family for four generations, Domaine du Grand Moulin has twelve hectares of vines that are planted to siliceous limestone clay on slopes with southern exposure.  With a 16th century windmill (grand moulin) that was originally built to process the surrounding wheat, the land of Domaine du Grand Moulin once provided flour so that the nearby Chateau Chenonceau (originally dating to before the 11th century), might make bread.  Still standing in the vineyard’s midst, the grand moulin is a relic that graces the label of every bottle.

Fermented in stainless steel, Grand Moulin offers a full bouquet of citrus fruit on a bed of rocks. It's a wine that drinks easy, with a refreshing finish and acidity that balances but doesn't bite back.