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Rhône, France

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Rhône Valley

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Clovis Wines

Clovis Wines is a collaboration between T Edward and some of the best small producers in France.

Introducing Clovis Wines

Château Simian (producing Clovis Vin de France, Red)

Château Simian is a 5th generation estate located in the Southern Rhône at the bottom of Massif d’Uchaux (5km north of Orange).  Today the Serguier family runs 26 hectares: 6 ha in Châteauneuf du Pape, 11 ha in Côtes du Rhône and 9 ha in Vin de France.

Jean-Pierre Serguier and his son Florian are constantly striving for the highest levels of quality by pursuing a perfect harmony between their vines and the encompassing ecosystem. Château Simian began practicing biodynamic farming in 2008 and every step since then has been performed according to the natural rhythm and cosmic influences. Great care is brought to the vineyard in order to foster the relationship between the plant and its environment. Château Simian is trying to be as non-interventional as possible, using low amounts of sulfur totalling 22mg at bottling, and outside of that refraining from using chemicals in the vineyards and no other additions in the cellar. The vineyards are Demeter and Ecocert certified.

Domaine de Provensol (producing Clovis Côtes du Rhône)

At the foot of the Provençal Alps and west-northwest of the town of Valréas, Domaine de Provensol is positioned both as organic wine producer in Côtes du Rhône AOP and as vacation destination boasting a superbly maintained working farm geared towards ecotourists. Domaine Provensol's close proximity to the Alps not only offers amazing landscapes, but it also fosters a very healthy crop of fruit with high pigmentation, phenolic complexity, and even ripeness across clusters and vines.

This prime location for Domaine de Provensol's vineyards is influenced by the Mediterranean climate, long windows of daylight through the growing season, and cool nights at the end of summer. The 1,410 foot altitude of the domaine, assures wide-ranging diurnal temperatures and the ability to push harvest late into the season without risking over-ripe fruit. In fact, harvest at Domaine de Provensol is one of the latest in France and that means more color, aromas and tannins in the finished wine. Winemaker, Dominique Thouroude, affirms that he wants to influence the vines and wine as little as possible, farming as naturally possible and completing the process of official organic conversion. Great care is taken to respect the diverse composition and life of the soils that are expressed in Domaine de Provensol wines.