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  • Gallinas y Focas

    Gallinas y Focas

    'Gallinas y Focas'.  Hens and Seals. When seeking a producer from Mallorca, Jorge Perez, our Iberian Portfolio Director, found Francesc Grimalt of 4Kilos Wines, an organic farmer and vintner with serious street cred on the island of Mallorca.  True to the place from which he comes, Francesc f...

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  • Romain Bouchard's Organic Conversion

    Romain Bouchard's Organic Conversion

    “Nature is stronger than man,” said Romain Bouchard as he laughed of his struggle; it’s been five years since his vineyards’ conversion.  Starting in 2006 with his Domaine de la Grande Chaume, a 3.38ha property whose activity had ceased, Romain planted another property in 2007, while simultaneou...

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  • Casa de Santa Eufémia

    Casa de Santa Eufémia

    Located in Cima Corgo on the left bank of the Douro and southwest of Pinhão, Casa Santa Eufémia is a grower port estate that was established in 1894.  Home to steep banks that can be challenging to farm, Cima Corgo sits between Baixo Corgo to the west, which is the wettest and most heavily plant...

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  • Hincapie Gran Fondo 2012

    Hincapie Gran Fondo 2012

    PC with George Thanks to PC for this post on his weekend at the Hincapie Gran Fondo. ––––––––– My Dinner with George About a year ago, T. Edward Wines was announced as one of the sponsors of the 2012 Gran Fondo New York, an epic cycling event that led to an email from Rich and George...

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  • Bodegas César Florido

    Bodegas César Florido

    César Florido A fifth generation descendant of his bodegas' founder, César Florido is one of the world's few remaining Almacenistas who happens to reside oceanside in Chipiona, a village that was once considered outside of the 'official' Sherry triangle.  And though Bodegas César Florido is l...

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  • The Wines of Pierre Frick

    The Wines of Pierre Frick

    Last night, we held our Taste Alsace event in Studio 206, and a number of folks weathered the storm to visit. Here we presented the wines of Pierre Frick, along side those of Dirler-Cadé, Joseph Cattin, Frederic Mochel and JJ Prum, for comparison, and for us, there was nothing better to fill the...

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  • El Maestro Sierra

    El Maestro Sierra

    A Criadera of Fino Barrels at El Maestro Sierra While there are many things that make El Maestro Sierra a most exceptional bodega in Jerez, none resonates more than the fact that they have been playing by their own rules and adhering to tradition in a region where the identities of small bode...

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  • The Aftermath of Sandy

    The Aftermath of Sandy

    Morningside Park, Tuesday 10/30 As Manhattan (and the outer boroughs) lost power south of  39th Street, so did our TEW home base in downtown Manhattan.  With a full-moon flooding of the East and Hudson Rivers, streets and tunnels and ground floors were under water.  Cars floated down downtown...

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  • The Wines of Alsace

    The Wines of Alsace

    While Alsace has seen its share of tumult­–as it was passed between Germany and France, and as Grand Cru designations came and went–the quality of the wines coming from its top producers has remained unchallenged. On Wednesday, November 7th, we are proud to introduce the wines of Pierre Frick...

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  • TEW's Almacenistas at Sherryfest

    TEW's Almacenistas at Sherryfest

    Ana Cabestrero of El Maestro Sierra After Sherry sales peaked in the 1940's, it took 20-30 years for a corporate climate to follow.  In the 1960's & 70's, small family owned bodegas were no longer producing and bottling their own wines, but  were now being modernized with machinery and co...

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