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Long Live Marc Pichon 1963-2016


Long Live Marc Pichon 1963-2016

With tears in my eyes, I must share with you all some very sad news.

We lost a loving brother, an eccentric, loyal and devoted family member last night Sept. 10, 2016. He was phenomenally chaotic, brilliant, honest, dutiful and legendary in his generosity. Marc brought light to the core of T Edward.

Our history is filled with indelible Pichon moments, we’ll miss you. RIP Marc Pichon.

-T. Byrnes

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we celebrate the life of Marc Pichon. A member of our family for over 20 years, his departure is a great loss to us, to his family in Ventoux and to the community of vignerons that he supported for the breadth of his career.

Tireless, dedicated and zanily enthusiastic beyond measure, Marc was a pillar to our book, as a founding member of T. Edward Wines, but he was also so much more to so many.

A loving father to five. A husband. A farmer and tender of fruit. A “Sauvage”. A fierce cyclist without training. An innovator who welcomed the challenges of organically farming the parcels that others found too difficult to cultivate. A career-long friend to so many of us here at TEW. Always the life of the party and a warm-hearted kook. Marc Pichon also served as a negociant to his peers Southern Rhone.

Always the innovator, Pichon had recently purchased nine amphora for a new project that he was to begin in the recently excavated section of his cellar. He was seeking and purchasing old vineyards with northern exposure, so that his wines would maintain freshness and acidity in the face of climate change.

Just as Marc always cared for his friends, it is they who will step up in the midst of their own harvests to assist Marc’s wife Anna at Anne Pichon.

We miss you terribly Marc. Thank you for the years of light and laughter, and for each and every bottle of Pichon wine.

-Karen Ulrich, TEW National Sales


I met Marc Pichon in 1999 when I was a rookie wine rep and he was a broker responsible for curating, at the time, just about every French producer in our small book of vignerons. Marc was a fearless salesman and yet a compassionate representative for these winemakers who could have never navigated the world of export markets without his help. He was just as comfortable in the dirt as he was on the slick pavement and he had a magnetic personality. I had a passion for wine and a favoritism toward French wine but Marc introduced me to the actual people behind the bottles. What I learned from him by watching his relationships with his winemakers shaped me as a wine professional and helped me guide my career.

Fast forward a few years and I have traded in sales for brand managing and now I am working alongside Marc, fully invested in growing T. Edward but equally committed to the winemakers who are becoming some of my best friends and feeling like family. Marc was my mentor but also a great friend, a pesky older brother and an incredible inspiration. His dream of becoming a vigneron in his own right led him to buying a rundown winery with neglected vines. Never mind that he had no formal training. He believed. The way Marc tackled this new chapter in his life was classic Pichon and it was an absolute success. Above his energy, his smile, his complete childishness and unequaled generosity there is one thing that I will forever remember about Marc Pichon. He was a man who ignored fear in favor of living life to the fullest. You can’t live perfectly and trying to is just no fun. Live with your flaws, embrace challenges and make the wine that makes you happy!

Salut mon ami. Tu ne seras j’aimais oublier.

-Patrick Burke, TEW French Portfolio Manager


Today, I found out that one of my very good friends in the business was killed on Saturday night in a car accident. Marc was with me in NY when I first started 30 years ago. We loved the work we did, we learned together on the street and although our approach varied it was always first about our friendship. He taught me many things and I like to think I did the same for him.

Those years in New York bound together our friendship. There are so many funny stories and good memories that all revolve around Marc's optimism. It was that enthusiasm for life that drove him and it was why I loved him so much.

He was one of those people who would fight for you, defend you and be a true friend. His generosity was boundless.

To say that I will miss him is obviously an understatement. I am at a loss today without Marc. It doesn't seem real.

I will be going to France for his service later this week to celebrate his life with his many friends.

-Andre Tamers, De Maison Selections

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