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A Year in New Wine, The Tasting

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A Year in New Wine, The Tasting


Thank you to everyone who came out on Tuesday to A Year in Wine at Lafayette! It's been quite a year since our 20th Anniversary Tasting in 2015. Keeping things fresh, we opted to pour only items that had joined our book since then, including 34 estates and 6 new craft distilleries, totaling over 200 additions to our portfolio! We've been busy! We hope you had a chance to taste through everything, from Domaine Arnoux to Xavier Benier and Nicolas Badel. Bodegas RE, Hudson Vineyards, Vodopivec, Pfluger and High Wire Distilling. We also saw new additions from Matthiasson, Forlorn Hope, Teutonic, Rio Maggio and Pierre Frick. Big thanks to our friends André Tamers at De Maison Selections, Bill and Byron at Goatboy Selections, Emily Kunhardt of Craft Distillers and Roberto Ijalba of Bodegas Santalba. We hope to see you all again soon!

1015yearinwinetasting-b.jpg#asset:9052André Tamers of De Maison Selections


Mr. John Coyle

1015yearinwinetasting-d.jpg#asset:9054Ronak of Industry City Distillery and Scott Rosenbaum, our Spirits Strategist


Goatboy Selections

1015yearinwinetasting-e.jpg#asset:9057Brian Pilliod

1015yearinwinetasting-g.jpg#asset:9058Pam Walton!

1015yearinwinetasting-h.jpg#asset:9059Roberto Ijalba of Bodegas Santalba

1015yearinwinetasting-i.jpg#asset:9060John Bedell and Wahaka Mezcal

1015yearinwinetasting-j.jpg#asset:9061Paul Masters & the BottleRocket Crew

1015yearinwinetasting-k.jpg#asset:9062Greg Reeves & JP Schultz

1015yearinwinetasting-l.jpg#asset:9063Pierre Gastaldello in from France with Megan Mina & Ben from Marea.

1015yearinwinetasting-m.jpg#asset:9064Georgia Sugarman


1015yearinwinetasting-o.jpg#asset:9066Patty James!

1015yearinwinetasting-p.jpg#asset:9067Emily Kunhardt of Craft Distillers

1015yearinwinetasting-q.jpg#asset:9068Kristina Sazama at the Billecart helm

1015yearinwinetasting-r.jpg#asset:9069Dan & Dan

1015yearinwinetasting-t.jpg#asset:9070Jorge Arias of the Wine Hut (second from left)

1015yearinwinetasting-u.jpg#asset:9071Kevin Abbott & KB Berton of Joe's Pub/The Library

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2014 at Do Ferreiro with Manuel Méndez

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