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Summer Reading

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Summer Reading


While we're gearing up for fall and soaking in the last rays of summer sun, we're taking this week to look back at a few highlights from the summer and spring. Happy Labor Day! We'll see you in full gear next week.

The Youth of All of Us, with Sean Sant Amour at Blue Ribbon

0915summerreading-b.jpg#asset:9081Sean Sant Amour of Blue Ribbon

“Everybody always wonders what’s up with Blue Ribbon and T. Edward Wines,” said Sean Sant Amour. “We started at the same time. The TEW evolution has gone hand in hand with ours. As your book grew, our list grew as well. One of my pivotal wine moments was when Tom invited me on my first wine trip. I was bunking with this guy who wanted to be a photographer and got duped into the wine business by his dad. His name is Rob Sinskey. He tried to explain to me why Pinot Noir is the most noble grape. It was kind of crazy,” he added and laughed. Read more here.

A Return to Roots with André Tamers

0915summerreading-c.jpg#asset:9082André Tamers with Thierry Tissot in Bugey

Named for his grandfather, whose father who had a general store in old Savoie on the Annecy Lake, De Maison Selections is returning to its French roots. “A long time ago,” said André Tamers, “we had quite a bit of French wines. But then I realized I had to let it all go and focus on Spain, because Spain, for obvious reasons, was just red hot. And since I’d lived there for three years, I thought I’d take the opportunity and run with it.” Read more here.

The Earthy Side of Wine with Lee Campbell


“I think I’d sort of been faking it for a little while when I first got into wine,” said Lee Campbell of the Andrew Tarlow group. “I knew I was fascinated by it but I wasn’t quite sure why. I think I thought it was because I thought it was like taking an interdisciplinary course in a liberal arts college, where you have to study everything.” But when she went to a winemaker’s luncheon while working at City Hall Restaurant, a single sight synched her past with her future. “We were sitting in the Garden Room at this restaurant Provence in Soho,” she continued, “which is no longer there. And at one point, I looked at the winemaker’s hands and I think I really wanted to see hands that looked like they worked and his hands had callouses on them, his nails were a little fucked up and it made me happy! I thought, here’s this guy [Michel Chapoutier], he’s a very well known winemaker, with some of the top buyers in New York; but he’s still a working man. He’s still a laborer. And that was very important to me. To know there was a farm connection. Once I knew there was a farm connection, I felt much more at home in the wine industry. Because before that point, all I knew was the hoity-toity New York side: the buyers, the somms. They were often European, they were mostly men. It was a lot of dudes with accents, so it was nice to see that there was another side to it. Read more here.

TEW Tour of California

0915summerreading-e.jpeg#asset:9084Porter Bass Vineyards

TEW Tour of California, Part I with Forlorn Hope, Scarecrow Winery, ZD Wines, Robert Sinskey and Skinner Vineyards. Read here.

TEW Tour of California, Part II with Enfield Wines, Titus Vineyards, Matthiasson Wines, Mauritson Wines, Brack Mountain, Red Car Wines and Porter Bass Vineyards. Read here.

TEW Tour of California, Part III with Calluna, Keever Vineyards, Elizabeth Spencer and Vine Hill Ranch. Read here.

Low-Touch Wines & Spirits with Tom Kearney at June Wine Bar

Kristina Sazama joins TEW as Director of Billecart-Salmon

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