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TEW's 3rd Annual Rosé Tasting

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TEW's 3rd Annual Rosé Tasting

0315rose-a.jpg#asset:9196Big thanks to all who came out to taste. This week's Rosé Tasting was our best yet, with over 150 in attendance! After a long winter's crawl, we couldn't have asked for more - sunny blue skies, an extra hour of daylight, and 40 rosé wines from some of our top producers, from all over the globe. Finally...it's safe to say, spring is near.

0315rose-b.jpg#asset:9197 .

0315rose-c.jpg#asset:9198Siobhan Lowe

While celebrating new beginnings, it's time we welcome Siobhan Lowe! Coming to TEW from Alder, we are happy to have Siobhan join our sales force in April. Before we got to talking rosé, Siobhan shared a few thoughts about why she joined TEW for her transition from buyer at Alder to sales. "I've had so much fun working with you," she said. "It's a company that's fun and serious but also realizes that we're in the wine business and we enjoy life! Even long before I thought about getting into this side of things, I've always thought that TEW has the best people. A great book and the best people. I love the attitude."

What rosés were her favorites? "I've always loved the Clos Cibonne because it's aged under flor for a year. It's got this great Provencal freshness and fruitiness, with another layer of complexity. And I love that it's Tibouren. I can drink any rosé, but this is elevated. I also love the Sinskey rosé. If someone was going to do it right, it'd be Sinskey. It's elegant and weighty. Serious but still refreshing. I love it."

0315rose-d.jpg#asset:9199Brain Aderer of Omar's La Ranita

We also caught up with Brain Aderer of Omar's La Ranita, who loves the opportunity to have amazing wines from around the world on his list, including affordable, easy drinking rosé. "The Suffrene is exceptional!" he said of the Bandol. "A lot of the wines here are great, it's just a matter of picking what works best for my guests. Bebame, that's what I look for in a rosé. Something that's cool and funky. For reds and Champagnes, I have to hit the mark, but rosé is just to have fun.

"Always the Clos Cibonne," he added. " The complexity. The spiciness. It's got the panache of doing something that no one else is doing and doing it exceptionally. I'll definitely feature that."

0315rose-e.jpg#asset:9200Nikki Huganir & Erica Blumenthal of Yes Way Rosé

The ladies behind Yes Way Rosé stopped by with Meg McNeill of Dandelion Wine. "We love the look of rosé," said Erica. "It's fun and beautiful. It makes my food look and taste better. We became obsessed with it and can relate it to all parts of our lives."

"We loved the Cesar," said Nikki of our latest from Chateau Coussin. It's from Provence but it tastes more complex. It's soft and refreshing. It's a really gorgeous color and a good discovery for today. We also liked the Ostatu, it's peachy. And we loved Matthiasson." The ladies also enjoyed the Clos Cibonne. "It's funky and it tastes completely different. It's special. Not something you'd take to the beach but for dinner."

0315rose-f.jpg#asset:9201Stephanie Goebel of Wright Goebel Wines

"The Pigoudet Premiere is always a hit," said Stephanie Goebel of Wright Goebel Wines. "I carry it every year. The Altenburger RoSee Connection has some nice blood orange flavors, and the Ameztoi Rubentis is always one of my favorites. It's great for when it's really hot out and it has great minerality.  Jelu Malbec is good for people looking for more fruit. It's one of your darkest rosés. Customers usually want something light and refreshing that goes down easy, sometimes with more acidity as it gets hotter. I also have people who like more fruit, so I'll bring in the Jelu Malbec Rosé for that."

0315rose-g.jpg#asset:9202Shaunnai Sargent & Sarah Brandau of Indie Food & Wine

Tasting wines for their cafe that's tucked inside of Lincoln Center's Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Sarah said, "We love rosé. My favorite was the Ermita Rosé. It's perfect. Lacrima [di Morra d'Alba from Conti di Buscareto] is so good. It's so feminine with aromas of rose petals and lavender." Just as we like it.



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