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Domaine Tortochot, Harvest Report 2014

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Domaine Tortochot, Harvest Report 2014


Chantal Tortochot sent us the following report for her 2014 harvest at Domaine Tortochot, along with these stunning photographs. Thanks Chantal!


There was no winter in Burgundy with a lot of rain in autumn. The months of February, March and April were mild, sunny, and dry. This allows an early development of the vines. June has been very beautiful, largely dry, and warm sometimes quite hot. So the flower time passed with some north Wind that made some millerandage. There was no risk of mildew and any other disease. In the evening of Saturday, the 28th of June, a huge thunderstorm ravaged Pommard, Volnay, Meursault and Beaune. The down part of our Clos de Vougeot also received some hail (damage estimated has been to 15%) and also our new vines in Chambolle (10% damaged). The weather in July and August has been mixed, warm with sunny periods, alternated with cool and cloudy weather. Rainfall has been high. Some grapes were burned by the hot sun in July, while the end of June hail damage led to a lack of leaf protection.


Organic viticulture makes beautiful grapes! (Vineyard of Champerrier, 55-years-old)

We know already that vintage 2014 will be a short crop. During all the year there was a steady cold feeling breeze. August températures never reached 20°C, while it rained most days. At the end of August there was no concentration in the grapes, tannins remained green and the color of the grapes lacked. So we decided to change the date of harvest to the 17th of September 2014. We needed urgently an Indian summer. The quality of the crop is made during the last 3 weeks. September has been very sunny, hot températures, similar to summer températures. The maturation of the grapes has been optimum and the north Wind prevents the development of the rot. So when we begin the harvest the maturation of the grapes is optimum , the tannins have matured, the color of the juice is good, the acidity has decreased, the malic acid has been partially consumed by the hot temperatures of September.


Colors of Autumn in Cote d'Or, Les Corvees



My daughter Eloise & her friends who come to help us during the weekend



Team Tortochot in the Vineyard Champerrier



The harvest at Champerrier


The sorting table at Domaine Tortochot



Reception of grapes into the winery, Domaine Tortochot



My team who makes the wines in the winery



The top of the vat just before fermentation


Ahh...the Indian Summer. Nice weather, good grapes, good quantities.

We hope to finish the harvest on next Wednesday.

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