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The 2014 Harvest at Domaine Fichet


The 2014 Harvest at Domaine Fichet


A harvest report is just in from Domaine Fichet, one of only three producers in the village of Ige in Maconnais. With original plantings that are over 30-years-old, Domaine Fichet is owned and operated by Oliver and Pierre-Yves Fichet, who's father, Francis Fichet, first started bottling the family's wines in 1976. Francis was also one of the first to plant Pinot Noir in the Chardonnay dominant region, and the family's lieu-dit "Chateau London" is one of the oldest and most reputable terroir in the Maconnais. Big thanks to likemyvillage for the images and text.

To start harvest season I went to visit the team at Domaine Fichet. Listening to winemaker Olivier Fichet you sense the impatience of getting a year’s worth of work harvested in safety.


Jump is filled (by Pierre-Yves Fichet) (right)

“After a year of continuous work in the vineyards finally we see the results at harvest!! The termination of a long and difficult year at every phase, the vintage is now looking great thanks to the return of beautiful weather 15 days before harvest which finally brought the grapes to full maturity.


Holders dump their loot into the tractor trailer

We started on September 6th with the Chardonnay for the Cremant de Bourgogne. Quality and yields are at the norm for 2014 with a perfect balance of acid to sugar and 11% potential alcohol. The same is true of the Pinot Noir, some of which goes to Cremant and the rest for our cuvees of Bourgogne Pinot Noir. Manual harvesting of the grapes for our top cuvees with manual sorting before a 15 day maceration. The quality is already showing itself to be high after only 24 hours. We’ll see now about the rest of harvest hoping that this weather stays with us for another 2-3 weeks.”


Finally comes the hour of well deserved meal for the whole troupe of harvesters who returns the Domain where Sophie (Fichet) and Madame Fichet prepare lunch. The troops gathers around the table to share a moment of conviviality and a well-deserved rest. Thrones above their heads, the trophies [on the wall have been] collected by the estate for many years.


Shown [above left] are parents Fichet (creators of domain) help serve and learn about grape quality. Even in retirement passion is always there for you. Marie -Pierre Fichet [right] handles the administrative side so that everything is in order.

0914fichetharvest-f.jpg#asset:9355Meanwhile, [there's] no rest for the brothers who are active around the presses, downloading the last trailer. Nathan, the son of Oliver, began to learn the trade by giving a helping hand.  Both brothers work again and again while the pickers sit and eat. As we can see, it's a family affair with passion for this area for almost 40 years now.

Good harvest at Domaine Fichet.

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