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The Uncorking of Spring Rosé Tasting

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The Uncorking of Spring Rosé Tasting


Big thanks to everyone who came out to yesterday's Uncorking of Spring Rosé Tasting in Studio 206! Roused from a long winter slumber by the early bursts of sun, the crowd fill the room by 11, and kept on coming at the speed of 33 RPM. And as if 32 bottles of rosé weren't enough to inspire, we added a few numbers from two new Austrian producers--Mantlerhof and Fischer-- alongside select offerings from Vins de Vienne, who were represented by Marie Melodie, who happened to be visiting.  In addition to everyone's favorites, including Clos Cibonne, Domaine la Suffrene, Chateau Coussin, Pigoudet and Ameztoi Rubentis, we welcomed a number of new wines which kept the palates juicy and wanting: Altenburger RoSée Connection, Riedlin Spätburgunder Rosé, Matthiasson Rosé, Forlorn Hope Kumo to Ame Rosé and Bebame.

In between flipping vinyl on the turntable and keeping bottles chilled, we grabbed the chance to catch up with a few friends of T. Edward.


Matt Stinton of Hearth & Terroir

"It's a tremendous rosé selection," said Matt Stinton of Hearth & Terroir, "that covers many different areas, Provence, Spain, California.  For a tasting like this, you get the full expressions of what rosé can be."  In regards to the wines that piqued his interest, he noted, "The Domaine la Suffrene popped out to me.  There's a smokey, meaty quality to it that I thought was very interesting, at a great price point.  Both of the Clos Cibonne wines are amazing, but there's no surprise there.

"The two from South America, Jelu and Casa Julia are both really great.  The price/quality ration can be out of whack for South America, but both are fantastic in terms of quality.

"The Riedlin Spätburgunder is very interesting and well made.  It shows the diversity of Pinot Noir.  It's not Burgundian or California.  It gets out of this bi-partisanship. I love what Forlorn Hope is doing, and the Austrian stuff if pretty amazing.  The two from Fischer [Ried Steiger Smaragd Grüner Veltliner 2012 & Ried Kirnberg Smaragd Riesling 2012] are both spot on, again for the price.  You can run into Smaragd Rieslings that are twice as much.  And the Roter Veltliner is the stand out for Mantlerhof.  It such an interesting grape."

0414rose2014-c.jpg#asset:9509David Clift of Left Bank

"The two Fischer wines were totally out of left field," said David Clift of Left Bank. "The Grüner was nice with an unexpected funkiness to it. It had [notes of] chalky wet stone, old sawdust, grapefruit, kumquat and stone fruit.  The Riesling had fantastic acidity, slightly musty and restrained wet stone that I thought was wonderful…The [Robert Sinskey] Vin Gris just blew my hair back. And I'm already serving the Clos Cibonne at Left Bank, though the Old Vine is totally different."


Charmaine Strange of Alure & a Mano 

Coming in from the North Fork, Charmaine Strange of Tom Schaudel's Alure and a Mano said, "It's really lovely today. After this long hazardous winter, it's nice to taste some summer.  Sinskey, I quite enjoy his rosé, but there were a lot of good stand out wines today.  I love both the Pigoudet wines [Première and Insolite], as soon as the weather breaks, rosé is so great to have on the list.  So many of the wines here today are easy to drink, which is what we look for.  Everyone has such a great time with rosé.  It works with different foods and cuisines, and with all of the seafood that we serve, rosé is a prefect fit.

"Provence is easy to drink but once people try Txakoli, or something different, it pushes the envelope.  My job as someone who makes lists is to help people have new experiences that they want to enjoy, and I love T. Edward because you always deliver."

Well said!

Here's a few additional snapshots from the event. Cheers!




Scott Rosenbaum, Spirits Strategist with Jay Galligher of Dark Horse Distillery



Jamie Steinberg of Perilla










Gabriela Davogustto of Vinateria

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