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Mauritson White Zin


Mauritson White Zin


Pioneers in the Rockpile AVA long before it existed, the Mauritson family first planted vines on the Rockpile valley floor in 1884, when their great-great-great grandfather shipped all of his wine back to Sweden.  Nowadays, after six generations of farming, Mauritson Wines is at it again, breaking grounds with a food friendly, high acid Rockpile White Zinfandel.  From their signature property, Clay Mauritson, who began making and bottling the family's wine in 1998, has crafted this wine, which is the antithesis to the sweet and flabby wines on ice that filled the pint glass of your tube top wearing neighbor, back in the day when Riunite marketed itself to Americans as Italian wine.  And while we can all be thankful for our collective maturation as a nation of wine drinkers, we can also raise a glass to Clay who has successfully rebranded White Zin as a light and refreshing, summer time expression of the varietal.

Located just 13 miles from the Pacific coast, Rockpile AVA resides near Lake Sonoma, which serves to dilute the heavy fog that typically blankets the area.  With vineyards planted at 800-2000 feet elevation, the vines here are granted greater and more consistent sun exposure, which compliments the coastal breezes.  And though Zinfandel is well suited to the property's well-draining soils, it is a challenging grape to grow...a fact that did not prohibit Clay from employing the saingee method to ferment his Rockpile estate fruit.

Perfect for sweltering summer days, the Mauritzon White Zinfandel 2012 is a guilty pleasure.  All acid and red fruit, with a touch of chalky cherry on the nose, the White Zin goes down easy and finishes tart. At 12%, there's strawberry fruit, watermelon and cherry.  And whether you've got sand between your toes, hopscotch chalk in your hand or a tablecloth on your sidewalk table, the Mauritson White Zin makes for an excellent summer selection.

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