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A TEW Tasting – New Rosé & Spring Selections


A TEW Tasting – New Rosé & Spring Selections


Yesterday we celebrated spring a day early with a tasting of New Rosé wines and Spring Selections.  In spite of the snow, hail and rain that'd descended upon the city during those past 24 hours, a cross section of New York's top somms and buyers were ready to add a splash of color to their wine lists and shop shelves.  With a selection of 38 white wines and 23 rosés, including a number of new additions such as Matthiasson Syrah Rosé 2012, Mauritson Family Vineyards White Zin 2012, and Josep Foraster Trepat Cava Rosé 2012, we spun vinyl on the turntable while the room kept filling.

"I'm excited to see your expansion of the domestic portfolio, that people are taking this category seriously," said Sarah Chappell, wine writer and buyer at vine wine in Brooklyn.  "The Sinskey Vin Gris is a flag bearer of domestic rosé, next to the new kids like Matthiasson."

And though Steve Matthiasson has been growing vines and making wines on the West Coast for over ten years, it's just now that his wines have cannonballed the New York market.


Monica Vaughn (pictured center) of Nolita Wine Merchants

While it's unfortunate that there's not enough Sinskey Vin Gris to make the world go 'round, it seems that most everyone couldn't get enough of this gem in the bottle.  Also enjoyed by Monica Vaughn of Nolita Wine Merchants, who loved its flavor profile and stone fruit, Sinskey joined the ranks of Chateau Coussin and Domaine la Suffrene on Monica's list of favorite rosés from the tasting.  "I love the [Domaine la Suffrene] Bandol and am looking forward to the next vintage," she said.  Of the Chateau Pigoudet Rosé "Insolite", a blend of 50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 30% Syrah and 20% Grenache, she noted, "The color is beautiful.  It's a really nice light rosé, very appealing."


Beki Mann of Nini's Wine Cellar

Beki Mann of Nini's Wine Cellar tasted her way through the selections before noting that "People have been asking for rosé since the end of January, so they are definitely drinking rosé year round."  After taking another sip of the Sinskey Pinot Gris, she added, "La Croix du Prieur [Chateau Coussin] did well last year, and the Anne Pichon Rosé always does well.  His entire line-up does well," she admitted and laughed.

And while the bottles of rosé shone like pink sapphires with their backs to the wall of windows on West Broadway, the selection of white wines were also well noted.  Of the Teutonic Wines, Beki said, "It's really interesting that they're making Alsatian wines in Oregon.  And I like the Dirler-Cadé Riesling [Grand Cru Kessler 2010].  It's bright and spicy but not sweet.  It has a lot going on with a lot of richness."


Tasting through the White Wine Selections



From Bordeaux to Languedoc to San Antonio Valley...



Looper with Jim Erwin (channeling George Carlin) of Pastis, "I've been lowering the bar for 40 years."



Just One Last Sip – Clos Cibonne Tibouren Rosé 2011

And because no TEW tasting is now complete without vinyl spinning on the turntable, check out our postings that were tweeted on Vine, to view our playlist; #allthethingswelove; and just how we listen to Sergio Mendes.

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Scott Rosenbaum, Spirits Strategist at T. Edward Wines

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