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Marketing–The Industry's Nine-Letter Word


Marketing–The Industry's Nine-Letter Word


Marketing.  The wine industry's nine-letter word.  Research your audience.  Check your stats.  Determine your identity by looking out and letting others define who you or your company should be.

Sounds a lot like junior high school to me...

Only we can present a secure self to the world, a company or self whose individual identity has been drawn from the inside out and not from the outside in.

Maybe this is what Mitt Romney meant when he said that corporations are people.  Ha! Now that is funny...

Marketing.  If you create and present a world that others wish to inhabit, then the people of like minds will come.  Google ballistics?  Be true to yourself and don't inhabit nor offer a world that's reactionary and without soul.  You can't please others without knowing yourself first...Give care to your lifestyle, spirit and core.


Dirler-Cadé, PC at the Gran FondoJulie Belland in Clos Pitois

Lifestyle.  If we expect our vintners to respect the fruit that they vinify and the earth from which it comes, then how can we treat our bodies with indifference?  The longer you're in the industry, the more narrow your palate becomes.  If it's not drinkable, spit.  If it doesn't taste good, don't eat it.  If it's the blood that moves our hearts and minds, then how can we not take care to optimize their performance?  In the morning, at the end of the day, on weekends...shut-up, and get on your bike and ride.

Spirit.  It trickles down from the top and spreads to the tendrils of life on the vine.  If you're here, it's because someone believes in you.  The best fruit flowers because it's been allowed room to breathe.  Plant and prune to benefit the quality of your fruit, for it's this that elevates the quality and complexity of your wine.  Happy fruit produces the best product.  Don't helicopter.  Feed creativity.  It will yield high spirits, tangible results and community.

Core.  Relationships are at the foundation.  We love our peeps.  Your wine might be stellar with stars, but if your presence taints the experience, we'll see you later.  Integrity and passion are the keys to our core.  Love what you do and engage in dialogue.  Be not reactionary but secure in your sense of self and place. In the office or on the farm, if we work hard together, we've got to be able to play hard together too.

Marketing.  Maybe Apple doesn't need to worry much about the culture behind their production (suicide nets in China?), because their brilliance is in creating products that appeal so much to the the educated, left-leaning masses, that we're willing to forego our ethics and politics to acquire their gear.  But this Apple is not one to be ingested.  It's not fruit that's plucked from the tree.

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