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Harvest Report from Fattori Wines


Harvest Report from Fattori Wines

harvestfattori-a.jpg#asset:10373August 27th, and the harvest reports are coming in! This one was just sent to us from Antonio Fattori at Fattori Wines, located in Verona, at the foot of the Alpone Valley in the Soave region of Italy.  Last year's harvest took place on August 30th, seven days later than this year's, which occurred on August 23rd:

Another hot harvest.

This is probably the definitive trend in the coming years, and we will have to adapt.

harvestfattori-b.jpg#asset:10374Nothing new, the farmer has always changed and adjusted his work based "on time/climate".

This year we kept the grapes sheltered, limiting operations in green.  The vineyards appear more disordered, but the fruits, covered by leaves, are brightly colored and the juice is good–very sweet but still supported by good acidity.  Very balanced.

Organic fertilizers and green manure seem to help much in these hot summers.  [There is] less water demand and greater homogeneity of the grapes.

harvestfattori-c.jpg#asset:10375This is the year of vineyards at high altitude.  The grapes produced [at] over 300 meters promise great quality.  This confirms even more, the choice undertaken in recent years.

In the cellar:

First of all, the period of harvest, anticipated at the correct time, [helps] to maintain freshness and aromatic acid.

harvestfattori-d.jpg#asset:10376Finally [the] utmost care [has been taken] to avoid any possible loss of freshness caused by fermentative anomalies, bacterial activities and oxidations.

This year, [we will] be able to extract in an intact form–despite the great potentiality of the grapes; [it] will not be easy, but [will] probably be more enjoyable.


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