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"At Rest"– The Update


"At Rest"– The Update


David with the Head of Goliath, by Caravaggio

Last week was somewhat momentous to the New York State's wine industry. We and a host of other small importer/distributors, dropped our competitions and came together to battle the common enemy. The waging of war against two monster corporations who still hope to squash and dominate the industry in NY, couldn't have been done without you. And while the fight is not yet over, to everyone who shared links, tweeted and retweeted, and posted on Facebook and blogs, we are eternally grateful. As of now, their dreams of a monopoly, disguised as the "At Rest" proposal, are not in the state's current budget. However, we're not yet in the clear and so it is not yet time to lay down our arms, disband and walk.

Why is the fight not yet finished? Because the lawyers and lobbyists of Southern and Empire are still working to implement a stand-alone legislation, which would enable them to get their "At Rest" proposal slipped into the budget. So, not until after March 31st, should we lay down our arms, in the form of the mighty pen, and rest. According to Richard Scanlan, a Legislative Specialist, "This [grassroots] effort will continue to buttress our position when it comes time at the end of the session to make sure the stand-alone bills are not considered."

With mid-June being the end of the session, we should maintain our outreach and efforts until we have safely crossed the finish line.

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