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Riesling Harvest Report 2011 from Sybille Kuntz Estate


Riesling Harvest Report 2011 from Sybille Kuntz Estate


Lieser, 10. November 2011

Perfect vintage 2011

It's super that we already had the Pinot Noir from Baden in the cellar before the Riesling harvest began in the Mosel. This gave us some time to preharvest our 30 acres of Riesling vineyards and to sort out the raisins from the bunches. This was very time consuming on the 70% steep sloped parcels, as the vines with original rootstock (from pre-phylloxera times) had lots of raisins.

Now that the harvest is complete, the history of this special vintage will surely go into the history of the SYBILLE KUNTZ Estate.

Expectations were high already for the 2011 vintage, since 1811 and 1911 were regarded as vintages of the century and had made wine history. In 2011 everything was going extremely well. Bud break and bloom were ahead of schedule, and during the entire year, the growing conditions were perfect. A golden October, in addition to our ecological handling of the vineyards, led to the present perfect ripeness of the grapes.

The quality levels from the cellar are promising:  from our Kabinett with 90° Oechsle (22° Brix) up to the Trockenbeerenauslese with 282 ° Oechsle (70° Brix).

One thing is for sure: 2011 will be a super vintage.

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