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  • Team TEW Rides the South of France

    Team TEW Rides the South of France

    On Sunday, a few of us rode La Provençale Sainte-Victoire, a 95KM ride in Provence. A stunning course that included three pretty serious climbs (totaling 4,130 feet), and some harrowing descents, it was the most beautiful 95K that I have ever ridden, scented with lilacs, lavender and shrub Prove...

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  • #ExPat on the Ground and Running in France

    #ExPat on the Ground and Running in France

     Patrick Burke with Chantal Tortochot As the vines near budbreak, we stole a moment to catch up with Patrick Burke (#ExPat), our French Portfolio Manager, who’s been living with his ear and palate close to the terroir for the past eight months. “I’ve spent a lot of time with our existing producer...

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  • Looking Back on 2014...

    Looking Back on 2014...

    2014 was an amazing year for all of us here at TEW. And for this, we offer great thanks to our families and friends, to our winegrowers and buyers, and to everyone who supports us and them. Looking back on the year, our 20th as a company, we've a lot to reflect on. Cheers to a beautiful year! We...

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  • Grower Bordeaux

    Grower Bordeaux

    JP harvesting at Chateau Coteau, Margaux Patrick Burke, our French Portfolio Director, traveled from his home in Lyon to meet JP and Pam in Bordeaux, where they visited with a few of our growers. What follows is his assessment of the state of Grower Bordeaux. Thanks #ExPat! . There is, I ...

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  • Barolo Camp at Piero Busso

    Barolo Camp at Piero Busso

    Piero Busso tending to his grapes Patty James also attended Barolo Camp, along with Georgia Sugerman and Meghan Ivey. Here's a few words from her visit with the Busso family at Piero Busso. Thanks Patty. . Piero and Pieroguido Busso took us across the road to the Cru Albesani vi...

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  • Barolo Camp at Gianfranco Alessandria

    Barolo Camp at Gianfranco Alessandria

    Vittoria Alessandria in the San Giovanni vineyard at Gianfranco Alessandria Along with Georgia Sugarman, Meghan Ivey also attended Langhe/Barolo Camp, and what follows are her notes from their visit to Gianfranco Alessandria. Thanks Meghan! . When we approached Monforte d’ Alba mid-morning,...

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  • Langhe Camp at Cascina Ca 'Rossa

    Langhe Camp at Cascina Ca 'Rossa

    Stefano & Angelo Ferrio, winemakers at Cascina Ca 'Rossa Georgia Sugerman recently attended our Barolo/Langhe Camp, where she spent the day at Cascina Ca 'Rossa in Piemonte. What follows is her script on the visit, along with some stunning images of the area. Thanks Georgia! Pulling up...

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  • TEW Tour of Portland

    TEW Tour of Portland

    Bryan Flewelling of Hugo's As the older sister of its west coast namesake, Portland, Maine is no Portlandia, but an old-school New England town that has a nation of eaters all a flutter and plate chasing. With an urban appetite and a farmer's flair, Portland's dining scene has come of age and is rea...

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  • Riding the Rolling Hills of Piedmont

    Riding the Rolling Hills of Piedmont

    PC & Tom Overlooking Vineyards at Mauro Veglio   A few days following the Gran Fondo New York, we left for Piedmont to cycle our way around Barolo.  Stationed at Mauro Veglio, we visited with Gianfranco Alessandria, Piero Busso, Bricco del Sole and Ca 'Rossa. "Their sense of camaraderie i...

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  • In Cote-Rotie with Vins de Vienne

    In Cote-Rotie with Vins de Vienne

    Yves Cuilleron & Francois Villard at Vins de Vienne "From the turn of the century to the 1960's this whole area was in decline," said Yves Cuilleron of Vins de Vienne.  "At the end of the 19th century, 400ha were planted [to vines]. In the 1960's, only 30ha of Cote Rotie was planted.  Peo...

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