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  • Taste History at TEW

    Taste History at TEW

    French Offerings This past Tuesday we uncorked some amazing bottles for our Taste History event, because as every buyer knows, it’s OND. October-November-December, when spirits are high and hearts and wallets are open. We splurge on our loved ones and ourselves. We dine and wine and welcome oppor...

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  • Devenish Wines, Independent Distribution in Maine

    Devenish Wines, Independent Distribution in Maine

    [caption id="attachment_8577" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Phoebe & Phil Devenish It was some 15 years ago that Phil and Phoebe Devenish first visited our office here at T. Edward Wines. “At that point,” said Phil, “TEW was a pretty small operation; it was basically just Tom and Nick, an...

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  • Maine & Loire with Peter and Orenda Hale

    Maine & Loire with Peter and Orenda Hale

    Peter, Orenda & Luca Hale at Maine & Loire When Peter and Orenda Hale of Maine & Loire decided to move to Portland, Maine, neither one of them had been to the city. But then again, they also met while working at Reynard and “married on a whim in the downtown Brooklyn courthouse, on th...

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  • The Ladies of Dandelion Wine

    The Ladies of Dandelion Wine

    Meg McNeill & Lily Peachin at Dandelion Wine “This place is an homage to the old school dive bar,” said Lily Peachin, the proprietor at Dandelion Wine in Greenpoint. “People make plans to meet their neighbors here. Romances have started here. People bring their parents here. We have dog treat...

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  • Talitha Whidbee at Vine Wine

    Talitha Whidbee at Vine Wine

     Talitha Whidbee of Vine Wine If you live near Williamsburg, drink wine in Williamsburg, or have friends who do either, then chances are you've been to Vine Wine, the neighborhood's go to boutique for any curious consumer. Sherry, Pet Nat, magnums of rosé, Basque cider, and biodynamic. Vine Wine ...

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  • Passport Terroir, The Photo Booth!

    Passport Terroir, The Photo Booth!

    In case you missed it, we had a photo booth at last week's 20th Anniversary Tasting at The Public Theater, tucked away between the lobby and Joe's Pub. Big thanks to all who came out to play.  Check the collection of photo strips below. Cheers! ...

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  • CoolVines


    "I came to this as a consumer and as a frustrated wine lover," said Mark Censits, the proprietor at CoolVines in Westfield (and Princeton), New Jersey.  "I used to think, 'I'm a smart guy, why can't I figure this out?  How can I walk into a [wine] store and make a decision?'"  It was this feelin...

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