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  • Organics, Biodynamics & Carbon Management at Huia Vineyards

    Organics, Biodynamics & Carbon Management at Huia Vineyards

    Members of the Huia team harvesting local seaweed for vineyard treatments In 1991, Claire and Mike Allan first purchased their land at Huia in Marlborough, New Zealand, then planted in 1994 and released their first vintage in 1997.  "We planted grapes and tried to be as organic as possible at...

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  • Domaine de l'Harmas in Châteauneuf du Pape

    Domaine de l'Harmas in Châteauneuf du Pape

    Nathalie Fabre standing in  lieu-dit Mont-Redon amongst the vines of Grenache planted by her grandfather in 1927 Nathalie Fabre left the tasting room at Domaine de l'Harmas and returned with a typewritten document from 1933, with much greater speed than it would have taken to locate the docum...

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  • "Sauvage" from Marc Pichon

    "Sauvage" from Marc Pichon

    Marc Pichon of Anne Pichon Walking past barrels in the cellar of Anne Pichon's Domaine de Murmurium, Marc Pichon squeezes through a sliver between the wall and racks of wine, and motions for us to follow. The ceiling is low and the space is tight, a true lemon-squeezer, but we are on his ...

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  • The Distillation of Gin at Roundhouse Spirits

    The Distillation of Gin at Roundhouse Spirits

    Ted Palmer of Roundhouse Spirits with a freshly cleaned still When we first entered the distillery at Roundhouse Spirits in Boulder, Colorado, we knew we'd found the perfect fit.  With its open space, foosball table and walls of chalkboard paint, it mirrored our downtown Manhattan office here...

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  • Sybille Kuntz–Balance By Nature

    Sybille Kuntz–Balance By Nature

    "I think [there were] no benefits," said Sybille Kuntz and laughed, triggering the equally hearty laughter of her husband Markus-Kuntz Riedlin.  Speaking as a lone female winemaker in Germany in the late 1980's, Sybille said, "I decided to do my own thing and set straight ahead.  I ignored what ...

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  • Making Wines of Place at Frascole

    Making Wines of Place at Frascole

    Enrico Lippi of Frascole "Organic.  It's how it's been done for generations," said Enrico Lippi, the proprietor and winemaker at Frascole.  "Even our grandparents didn't want to use pesticides.  They knew it was bad for the vineyards and bad for their health working in the vineyards."  Now to...

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  • Twenty Five Reasons

    Twenty Five Reasons

    Image from Kevin Kelley's Natural Process Alliance After years of playing around with base wines and trial fermentation, Kevin Kelley of Salinia Wine Company has just released Twenty Five Reasons, a skin-fermented, organic Petillant Naturel.  "It comes from a love of the wine," said Kevin, "I...

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  • Welcoming the Wines of Casa Marin

    Welcoming the Wines of Casa Marin

    "I knew this place since I was a child," said María Luz Marín, of her property on the Pacific coast, in the San Antonio Valley, "my father bought land near."  And though she had familial connections to the region, her path to becoming the first female Chilean winemaker and winery owner, was not ...

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  • Romain Bouchard's Organic Conversion

    Romain Bouchard's Organic Conversion

    “Nature is stronger than man,” said Romain Bouchard as he laughed of his struggle; it’s been five years since his vineyards’ conversion.  Starting in 2006 with his Domaine de la Grande Chaume, a 3.38ha property whose activity had ceased, Romain planted another property in 2007, while simultaneou...

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  • Domaine de Noire

    Domaine de Noire

    Jean-Max Manceau "You must have in your glass, a picture of the soil and the weather," says Jean-Max Manceau, the proprietor and winemaker at Domaine de Noiré, "I am only the messenger to make the wine...and with 30 years of experience, I've learned that its very important to respect [the soil]."  ...

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