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  • Hincapie Gran Fondo 2012

    Hincapie Gran Fondo 2012

    PC with George Thanks to PC for this post on his weekend at the Hincapie Gran Fondo. ––––––––– My Dinner with George About a year ago, T. Edward Wines was announced as one of the sponsors of the 2012 Gran Fondo New York, an epic cycling event that led to an email from Rich and George...

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  • The Brothers Hincapie

    The Brothers Hincapie

    George climbing Mont Ventoux during the 2009 TdF Back in November, when we announced our sponsorship of the Gran Fondo NY, Rich Hincapie of Hincapie Sportswear was planning to build a cellar with brother George, and so he reached out to us to talk about wine, and taste.  In great need of a new kit ...

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  • Cycling's First Family–Carpenter/Phinney

    Cycling's First Family–Carpenter/Phinney

    Connie Carpenter at the 1984 Coors Classic & at the 1984 Olympic Games Road Race (photo credits) After competing at the 1972 Winter Olympics as a member the U.S. speed skating team at the age of 14, Connie Carpenter went on to become the first American to win a cycling medal at the Olympics, si...

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  • The Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge

    The Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge

    We are psyched to announce our sponsorship of the Blue Ribbon Alpine Challenge–in conjunction with Blue Ribbon Restaurants and Bike Express–a women's professional National Race Calendar three-stage race, this coming August 20-22nd.  In its second year, BRAC was created as the only professional c...

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  • Team TEW Rides the Gran Fondo NY 2012, Part 2

    Team TEW Rides the Gran Fondo NY 2012, Part 2

    PC with Uli Fluhme of the Gran Fondo NY While our fabulous teammates were lining up for the Medio Fondo, ten of us, including four members of TEW and six dear friends, were readying for the Gran Fondo, a 110 mile ride to Bear Mountain and back, with 8,500 feet of gained elevation.  And while ...

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  • Team TEW Rides The Gran Fondo NY, Part 1

    Team TEW Rides The Gran Fondo NY, Part 1

    On Sunday, 26 members of Team TEW (including 12 TEW riders and 14 family members and friends) joined a total of 5,000 riders to participate in the Medio Fondo NY–a 60 mile ride from the George Washington Bridge to Upper Nyack and back again–and the Gran Fondo NY–a 110 mile ride with four timed c...

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  • Gran Fondo Training

    Gran Fondo Training

    On the road with Laura Elder The moment that we've all been training for is soon upon us–the Gran Fondo NY.  This coming Sunday, May 20th, Team TEW will be riding with some 5,000 other participants from around the world, opting for one of two routes: the Medio Fondo at 60 miles/ 100K or the Gran Fo...

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  • Team TEW Trains for the Gran Fondo NY 2012

    Team TEW Trains for the Gran Fondo NY 2012

    PC Riding the Gran Fondo NY 2011  A couple of months ago, we announced that we're sponsoring the Gran Fondo NY, which you can read all about here.  At that point, there were 184 days left to train; now the fire's in the can, and we're down to 60 days and 19 hours until the Gran Fondo NY b...

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  • T. Edward Wines Sponsors the Gran Fondo NY

    T. Edward Wines Sponsors the Gran Fondo NY

    We are so excited to announce that we are sponsoring the Gran Fondo New York, 2012!  To aid the recovery of the (anticipated) 5,000 participants, we're supplying a custom label red wine from the slopes of Mt. Etna in Sicily–one bottle for each pacco gara, or goodie bag.  This spring, six of our ...

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  • Riding River Road from Piermont to Nyack

    Riding River Road from Piermont to Nyack

    It's been a while since I've ridden this path regularly, off 9W and through Piermont to Nyack, north along the Hudson River, via River Road.  It's been over four years, since I've spent time on the bike.  And when I was riding, it was all about the training, or chatting with teammates, as we rod...

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