About Us

Founded in 1994, T. Edward is a New York based wine and spirits importer and distributor. Our independent producers share our platform to promote organic, sustainable, and equitable practices.

Our Mission

T. Edward’s mission is to provide conscientious stores, restaurants, and bars with a selection of high-quality, small-production wines and spirits. It is our objective to partner with creative and passionate winemakers and distillers who have dedicated their lives to making sustainable fine wines and small-batch craft spirits, and to provide them to customers who share these values. At T. Edward, we believe that we are greater than the sum of our parts. We believe that an informed, engaged team provides the best customer service, so we employ an energetic, knowledgeable group of people who care about these products and their producers as much as we do. We depend on our differences and find our key competitive strength in the autonomy of each of our individuals. Our philosophy is built on trust, freedom, and a desire to bring the diverse array of wines and spirits that we love to the world.

Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We at T. Edward are honored to represent your brand and appreciate your collaboration and support through this challenging period. As we begin the difficult but necessary process of addressing systemic racism, inequality of the disenfranchised, sexism, etc., we are including our suppliers and clients to bear responsibility and to evolve with us.

We accept the responsibility to address and work to change the problems of inequity. We ask that you, as our partner, pledge to be anti-racist, anti-sexist, and against discrimination in all its forms.

The first step toward being anti-racist is acknowledging the omnipresence of racism throughout organizations, industries, and communities, and recognizing that racism is a system of disproportionate opportunity and penalties based on skin color or ethnicity.

The first step toward being anti-sexist is acknowledging the omnipresence of sexism throughout organizations, industries, and communities, and recognizing that sexism is a system of disproportionate opportunity and penalties based on gender identity and/or sexual orientation.

T. Edward Wines and Spirits has taken or pledged to take the following steps to ensure greater equity within and outside of the company:

  • Change hiring practices so that the company broadens the diversity of its candidate pool.
  • Support the causes that are meaningful to our employees by granting paid time off to allow for volunteering.
  • Contribute to scholarship funds that go to underrepresented communities in the wine and spirits industry.
  • Create an Equity Task Force to hold the company accountable.

Furthermore, T. Edward Wines and Spirits will not tolerate behavior from its suppliers, employees, or customers that does not agree with the values stated herein. This zero-tolerance policy includes comments made in person, in writing, online, or via social media.

We believe that the promotion of diversity and acceptance is not just a sound business principle, but our personal and ethical responsibility. We are committed to changing the industry for the better, starting with ourselves.