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  • Happy Holidays!

    Happy Holidays!


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  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving!


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  • Happy Labor Day!

    Happy Labor Day!

    Enjoy the last sips of summer....

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  • Happy 4th of July!

    Happy 4th of July!

    Photo credit ...

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  • Harvesting at Forlorn Hope

    Harvesting at Forlorn Hope

    The harvest report is in from Matthew Rorick at Forlorn Hope, which began on August 15th, two weeks ahead of his predictions!  Thanks Matthew for these super cool shots from the vineyard. ––––––– Our 2012 harvest launched with an amazingly early pick of Verdelho from the Vista Luna Vineyard. ...

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  • Back to School!

    Back to School!


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  • Russell Brand & The Art of Selling Wine

    Russell Brand & The Art of Selling Wine

    [youtube] After reading a few things recently online, I started to consider how the work of a Sales Rep is taken for granted, or completely misunderstood, or bastardized by the sea of less genuine folks that get easily filtered in and out of the dynamic wor...

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  • "At Rest" Update...The Truth

    "At Rest" Update...The Truth

    We warned you...the battle isn't over until the fat cat sings...and boy, is this tubby tabby howling in the alley. Last week, the forces behind "At Rest" sent a letter to their clients.  Read this exact letter below, which is followed by a response that was scripted by the New York Fi...

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  • "At Rest"– The Update

    "At Rest"– The Update

    David with the Head of Goliath, by Caravaggio Last week was somewhat momentous to the New York State's wine industry. We and a host of other small importer/distributors, dropped our competitions and came together to battle the common enemy. The waging of war against two monster corporations w...

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  • "At Rest"– A Monopoly Risk, Part II

    "At Rest"– A Monopoly Risk, Part II

    David and Goliath by Titian It's amazing what a day in social media will bring.  The response to the impending "At Rest" legislation, which stands to alter the New York State Wine Industry in ways that benefit not the consumer, nor the industry itself, was mammoth.  Following on the late heel...

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